Track your content ROI.


✔ Connection with GA4.

✔ UTM generation for all your distribution channels (SMS, Email, Social Networks, QR Code, etc.).

✔ Customizable reports that track your content's ROI.

Free for 14 days - no credit card required.

Improve productivity through automated tracking and reporting process.

✔ Collect and merge data from Newtn. and Google Analytics (UA or GA4).

✔ Create reports that show the impact of your content campaigns.

Quickly adapt and make data-driven decisions.

✔ Conduct content experiments quicker and more intentionally.

✔ Measure and analyze your results faster. No more guesswork.

Showcase your content ROI.

✔ Demonstrate the true impact of your content production efforts on sales, leads, and visitor behavior.

✔ Double down on what’s working, secure a bigger budget, and prove the effectiveness of content as a revenue channel.

Discover insights across all your content data with Newtn.

Free for 14 days, no credit card required.

Our other features...

Content library.

Audit and easily consolidate all your existing content in one place, wherever it is located.

Get new content ideas based on existing content and your audience’s interests.

Get recycling ideas based on your existing content and the most popular themes.

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