The all-in-one & AI powered tool for content managers.


✔ Easily consolidate all your content by connecting your favorite tools.

✔ Get new and recycled ideas based on the existing content and your audience's interests.

✔ Notify your teams of new content. 

✔ Automated content tracking and reporting process.

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5 reasons to choose Newtn.
as your content manager tool.

Streamline asset storage in a dedicated tool for content manager.

✔ Keep track of all your marketing assets in a centralized repository, enabling easy reuse of brand-approved assets.

✔ All formats (text, image, audio, video) can be combined in the digital asset management system offered by Newtn., the dedicated tool for content manager. 

✔ We regularly add connectors with new solutions to centralize your content.

Break down silos
between your teams.

✔ Notify your teams of new content via email or Slack.

✔ Maximize the use of marketing content by international, sales, product, CS and other teams.

✔ Identify missing content that could be of interest to your audience.

You're not an expert in AI prompts? Here is the solution.

✔ Thanks to our AI, benefit from recycling recommendations and get new content ideas, based on analysis of your existing content.

✔ Get ideas that take into account your audience's interests and expectations for greater relevance.

Showcase your content ROI with automated and customizable reports.

✔ Collect and merge data from Newtn., the dedicated tool for content manager, and Google Analytics (UA or GA4).

✔ Quickly adapt and make data-driven decisions.

✔ Demonstrate the true impact of your content production efforts on sales, leads, and visitor behavior.

Connect all your tools with Newtn, the all-in-one & AI powered tool for content manager.



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Free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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