Create content that works.

Newtn. is content managers' best ally for creating, recycling and measuring
the performance of their content 🚀

Available from March 1, 2024.

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Link your content creation
to your ABM strategy.

Newtn. is the all-in-one, AI-powered content marketing platform
that links your content to your Account Marketing (ABM) strategy.


✔ Notify your team members by email & Slack of any new content available

✔ Create customized content performance reports

✔ Automate your content performance reports delivery

✔ Get an overview of your content's proportion into the sales funnel

✔ Analyze your content performance in your nurturing process


✔ Create content from scratch or recycle existing content with AI

✔ Insert your own prompts or use guided prompts suggested by Newtn.

✔ Set up your own workflows

✔ Connect your favorite production and distribution tools (e.g. Canva, etc.)

✔ One of the largest AI integrations on the market (ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4, DALL-E, Claude, Mistral, etc.).


✔ Connection with GA4

✔ Self-service UTM generator

✔ UTM library with import facility

✔ Create customized performance reports

✔ Automate your performance reports delivery

Gather your content.

Less searching.
More finding.

✔ Easily consolidate all your existing content from WordPress, Youtube, Notion, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hubspot, Ausha, etc. 

✔ Notify your marketing, sales, product, CS teams of new content. 

✔ Access to your content library and easily search the content we've put together for you. 

Collaborate & Launch.

Create, recycle and approve content for all platforms in one place.

✔ Get recycling recommendations and new content ideas, based on existing content and your audience's interests. 

✔ Focus your efforts on the best-performing content.

✔ Create a single piece of content or a set of contents for a global campaign in just a few clicks.

Understand Impact.

Get clarity on what's working in your contents, and what isn't.

✔ Connect to GA4.

✔ UTM generation for all your distribution channels (SMS, Email, Social Networks, QR Code, etc.).

✔ Customizable reports that track your content's ROI.


conversion rate

Generate content that’s more relevant to your audience and increase your conversion rate by a factor of 10.



By recycling your content and sharing it more effectively with your teams, increase the ROI of your content.


more productive

Make your content production more efficient by developing interesting content and recycling the best-performing content.

Connect all your tools with your content marketing plateform.



Google Drive

Data storage


Data storage




Podcast diffusion


Wiki solution


Video plateform



Google Analytics



Projects management


Projects management


Projects management


Image & Video

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Newtn. Content Management Platform (CMP)
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Internet Surfer

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Newtn. Content Management Platform (CMP)


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Newtn. Content Management Platform (CMP)
Leslie D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Newtn. used for?

    Newtn. is an advanced AI-powered content marketing platform and the top choice for content management of the fastest-growing companies in 100+ countries.

    As an all-in-one content marketing solution, Newtn. allows you to:

    → Collect all your content, wherever it is stored. Connect your tool, we'll take care of the rest.

    → Repurpose your existing content in other formats to increase your ROI.

    → Thanks to IA, find new ideas and formats that match your audience's interests

    Create content (blog's article, Ebook, Video, Podcast, Images, etc.) directly from a single source.

    → Share your content with internal teams (marketing, sales, product, CS, etc.) or external ones.

    → Track the ROI of your content across all channels.

    Founded in 2023, Newtn. revolutionizes content generation and management.

    Let’s boost your content ROI with Newtn.

  • With what tools is Newtn. integrated?

    The content marketing plateform Newtn. is currently connected with Dropbox, Google Drive, WordPress, YouTube, Hubspot, Ausha & Notion.

    We're adding new connectors all the time, and keep you informed of our upcoming projects.

  • Can I get a demo of Newtn.?

    Yes! We currently conduct LIVE group demos to guide you through Newtn. and address all your questions. You can view the upcoming sessions and register by clicking here.

  • What can I try during the 14-days free trial?

    The 14-day free trial will be soon available. It will provide you access to most of the features Newtn. offers, enabling you to explore the product without any limitations. You'll have the capability to:

    → Collect all your content, wherever it is stored (WordPress, Youtube, Notion, Dopbox, Google Drive, Hubspot, etc.). Connect your tool, we’ll take care of the rest.
    → Find content ideas that match
    your audience’s interests, thanks to our powerful IA tool. 
    → Maximise your content’s ROI by repurposing it.
    → Set up your editorial line details to allow us to provide better suggestions. 

    The only elements you won't have access to are the performance reports, the creative and share tools. 

  • Can I get help with my technical setup?

    Yes! We have step-by-step guides accessible on this site and in Newtn. when you start the onboarding process. You can also book a meeting with our customer success team to help you set it up.

    Please contact them using the chat bubble from your content marketing plateform Newtn. account or via [email protected]

  • Have a question?

    You can reach our support team anytime from your Newtn. account using the chat bubble or via email at [email protected]. You can also connect with us through the chat bubble on the website.

    Please note that if you are not logged into on your account, we will have limited information to assist you.

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